Assemblyman Petryk Votes to Remove “R-Word” from state code

MADISONState Assemblyman Warren Petryk (R-Eleva) of the 93 State Assembly District recently voted for a bill to remove the “R-word” from Wisconsin’s administrative code.

“The R-word is an archaic term and carries a negative connotations for those in the disabilities community,” said Petryk. “It is unfortunate that the term can be found in 80 places throughout the Wisconsin Administrative Code, but today’s vote will remedy that situation.”

In 2012, legislation was passed to remove the term from state statutes.  However, the term can still be found in Administrative Code, where state agencies create their rules and guidance on how they implement state law. Assembly Bill 20/Senate Bill 19 received support from both sides of the aisle and will permanently remove those derogatory phrases from the administrative code.

“As Chairman of the State Assembly Workforce Development Committee, I know that we need to get EVERYONE into the workforce, including those who are now on the sidelines because of their disability,” said Assemblyman Petryk. “Today’s vote helps remove that negative and insulting language and helps people discover their true abilities and gifts that will help them in their search to find a rewarding career.”