Prescott Mayor Hovel signing municipal disaster proclamation, city needs sandbag volunteers

Prescott Mayor Dave Hovel is signing a municipal disaster proclamation today and the city is asking for help to fill sandbags to place along the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers.

City Administrator Jayne Brand made the following announcement and appeal in an email sent this morning:

“We have decided to start to ask for volunteers for help in  filling sandbags starting this afternoon.  Sand and bags have been delivered to the public beach on Lake Street and to the parking lot between the railroad tracks and Eagle Point Condo.  We have been watching the predictions from the National Weather Service and there is a 90 % chance of major flooding for the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers.   These sandbags can be used by the residents for their own personal property.  We need to have any resident who have drains in lower levels which may flood to sandbag their drains.”

Volunteers will have to fill out a forums for city records and keep track of their time to use in case the city needs to ask FEMA for disaster funding. Volunteer forms will be on the city website.   City staff will keep the city website and Facebook up to date with information regarding the flooding.

Here is the link to the National Weather Service website with flooding information.

Anyone with questions please contact city hall at (715) 262-5544.