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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Town of Clifton Board approves land lease agreement with Northfield WiFi

CLIFTON - The town board of the Township of Clifton last night unanimously approved a land lease agreemement with Northfield WiFI during its monthly meeting at the town hall.

The five-year agreement gives Northfield WiFi, a Minnesota based high-speed internet services company town land to build a tower in the township which will spring faster internet speeds to residents, capping an over-year-long effort to bring such services to Clifton. The company is looking to expand its business into western Wisconsin starting with Pierce County and the Town of Clifton.

The vote also provides Northfield WiFi its recommendation to Pierce County's Land Management Committee to receive a land-use permit to build the power. Once they receive it they will need to get a building permit from the town and then can proceed to building their tower.

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