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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Republicans carry most races in Pierce County despite state losses

Republican candidates and officer holders won most of the votes in Pierce County and the City of Prescott and the western county townships of Clifton, Oak Grove and Diamond Bluff despite taking losses in state and some national offices in yesterday's mid-term election.

Republican state candidates - Gov. Scott Walker, Attorney General Brad Schimel, Secretary of State candidate Jay Schroeder and Secretary of Treasurer candidate Travis Hartwig all won in Pierce County, the City of Prescott and western Pierce County. However all these candidates lost close elections statewide and the closeness of the results in Pierce County, Prescott and the western townships helped Democrat winners Tony Evers for Governor, Josh Kaul for Attorney General, Secretary of State Douglas LaFollette and Sarah Glodewski for State Treasurer.

GOP candidates for the state legislature also won in Prescott, western Pierce County and the rest of the county: Mel Pittman of Plum City for State Senate, State Assemblymen Warren Petryk and Shannon Zimmerman. Both Petryk and Zimmerman were re-elected in their whole districts but Pittman was defeated by former state Assemblyman Jeff Smith to take the seat currently held by Kathleen Vinehout.

Democratic candidates did win in Pierce County and the City of Prescott for national offices. Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Rep. Ron Kind both were easily re-elected with the support of Pierce County and the City of Prescott. All three western townships voted for Baldwin's challenger, State Sen. Leah Vukmir of Brookfield and Steve Toft of Osseo for the House of Representatives.

In county races, Republican Kerry Feuerhelm won the county, western Pierce County and Prescott to be the next Clerk of Court by 9,719 votes to Democrat Megan Erwin's 7,873 votes. Democrat Nancy Hove was easily re-elected as Sheriff with 14,809 votes to write-in candidate Oake Gregory's 112 votes.

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