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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Prescott City Council votes its support for K-9 program

The Prescott City Council gave its unanimous support to a proposed K-9 program at its meeting Monday evening at the City-Library Building.

Interim Prescott Police Chief Doug Ducklow and Sergeant Jesse Neely along with Prescott Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Johnson made the pitch to the council to support a resolution giving the city’s support of the program. They were able to assuage the council by stressing that have a police dog will only cost the city no more than $500 a year in support costs and much of the start-up and other costs for training, a specialized patrol car and equipment will be handled by the Prescott K-9 Foundation, set up in the memory of former police chief Gary Krutke.  The police dog has a usual service term of between 5-10 years if it stays healthy. Veterinary care will be taken care of by the foundation as well. Fundraising for the project needed the city’s support to proceed.

“Having a police dog is a valuable tool and an effective tool in the right situations,” Ducklow said. “If the dog is properly trained and handled, it can be a deterrent to crime.”

Read the rest of what happened in the city council meeting in this week's  print edition of the Prescott Journal, on newsstands Wednesday.


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