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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Prescott City Council approves 2019 budget

The Prescott City Council approve the city's 2019 budget at its meeting Monday evening at the City-Library Building.

The council approved the budget with a change in the property tax levy. Instead of the $1,378,182 approved by the Finance Committee, city staff recommended a levy of $1,389,307. This additional $11,125 will go into the contingency fund. The reason for this change according to City Administrator Jayne Brand is so the city can stay within the guidelines of the state’s Expenditure Restraint Program, which would qualify them for a state aid grant of $53,623.27 in 2020 and would also allow the city to use the net new construction percentage over the levy limit in the future as well. 

The total amount of the tax levy is $2,212,068.   The $1,389,307 is just for the general fund.    To get to the $2,212,068 you need to include the general fund, capital at $227,768, Freedom Park at $26,575, Library at $176,560 and debt at $391,857.

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