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Sunday, October 28, 2018

President Trump signs Sen. Baldwin's Made in America Water Infrastructure Act into law

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Trump recently signed into law bipartisan water infrastructure legislation that includes a requirement pushed by U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin that federally funded water infrastructure projects use American-made iron and steel.
Senator Baldwin has long championed stronger Buy America standards and her Made in America Water Infrastructure Act requires that 100 percent American-made iron and steel is used in water infrastructure projects funded by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. The bipartisan Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) signed by President Trump includes a five-year extension of Buy America requirements for water infrastructure projects funded by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.
“A five-year Buy America standard is better than the status quo and President Trump has taken an important step forward on our shared goal of making sure taxpayer money is not spent supporting foreign workers,” said Senator Baldwin. “I will continue fighting for a permanent Buy America commitment from Washington that rewards our Made in Wisconsin workers and manufacturers.”
On April 18, 2017, while visiting Kenosha, local media asked President Trump if he supported Senator Baldwin’s permanent Buy America standard. President Trump said “I do,” and also said, “I agree with her 100 percent.” The bipartisan WRDA legislation he signed today includes a Buy America requirement through at least 2023.
“As we invest in our nation’s water infrastructure, American taxpayers expect—now more than ever—that the iron and steel products incorporated into these taxpayer-financed projects will be melted, molded and made in America by American workers and the foundries and mills that employ them,” said Neenah Foundry’s Municipal Products Group Vice President Scott Hoffman. “On behalf of Neenah Enterprises of Neenah, Wisconsin, our deep appreciation goes to Senator Baldwin for her leadership in securing a five-year extension of the procurement preference for American-made iron and steel products for drinking water infrastructure. Senator Baldwin has been a leader on a multitude of Buy America efforts to ensure that taxpayer-financed public infrastructure uses castings produced in American foundries like Neenah.”
The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund is a federal-state partnership that acts as an infrastructure bank to help ensure safe drinking water in all 50 states and territories. Baldwin’s reform would require all of these projects to use American-made iron and steel. Eligible projects include improving drinking water treatment; fixing or replacing old pipes; improving the source of the water supply; replacing or constructing finished water storage tanks; or any other infrastructure projects needed to protect public health.
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