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Friday, October 5, 2018

PHS Homecoming activities set for Friday

Friday, Oct. 5 is the final day of Homecoming Week at Prescott High School and a day jammed packed with activities.

Of course everything leads up to tonight's football game vs. St. Croix Central at 7 p.m. at Laney Field.

The Cardinals face a daunting task in taking on the No. 1 ranked team in the state in the unbeaten Panthers who have scored shutouts in the their last three ballgames and have dominated play in the Middle Border Conference this season. The duo of senior quarterback Austin Kopacz and running back Ryan Larson have bulldozed their way to nearly 1,500 yards combined this season in the Panthers' option offense. Kopacz has also thrown for over 300 yards as well.

But PHS head coach Kevin Haglund said in a radio interview this week on KDWA AM 1460/FM 97.7 the team has put in serious work preparing to play SCC but also having fun as well during Homecoming Week as they should.

"I can't think of many things better than a Friday night Homecoming football game in early October," Haglund said. "We'll have a lot going on Friday before the game to get people out to the game and it should be a lot of fun. But the kids have stayed focused and locked in and worked and when we've needed to in practice and they're excited for this opportunity and they have a great mentality going into this ballgame."

Here's the schedule of Homecoming activities for Friday:

The schedule for Friday, Oct. 5 is as follows: (times are approximate)
7:55 - 8:40 a.m.:  Float Decoration
8:55:  Cardinal Trivia (Mr. Smith has last year’s trophy - 25 Questions read by SC Members)
9:35:  Pep Fest #1
-Band Performs as students walk in
9:40:  Garbage Can Performance
9:48:  Student Council Skit
9:55:  Fall Dance Team Performs
10:00:  Cross Country Skit
10:07: Family Feud - Students vs. Students (finished)
10:14 Choir Skit
10:20: *Faculty Skit #1
10:28: Homecoming King and Queen Candidate Skit
10:35: Family Feud - Teachers vs. Teachers (finished)
10:44:  Band Skit
10:50:  Drama Skit
10:57:  Dance Line - Football Players
11:05:  Band Plays the School Song
11:10-12:10: Tentative Lunch Schedule
12:15:  Parade Lineup
12:30:  Parade begins
12:45:  Parade at Prescott Intermediate School
12:50:  Parade at Malone Elementary School
1:05:   Parade at Prescott Middle School
1:25:  Parade at  Prescott Care Center
1:35   Return to Prescott High School
1:40:  Tear Down Floats/Overall Clean Up
2:00:  All Students Report to Gymnasium
2:05:  Pep Fest #2 Begins
2:10:  *Faculty Skit #2
2:16:  Volleyball Season/Skit
2:22:  *Faculty Skit #3
2:30:  Family Feud #3 - Students vs. Students (finished)
2:40:  Football Season/Skit
2:55:  Glenn the Magnificent
3:13:  Dismissal
4:30:  Tailgate BBQ at Laney Field Parking Lot
5:15:  Powder Puff Football Game – Championship
7:00:  Football Game vs. St. Croix Central

There will be more activities going on next to Laney Field sponsored by the Flying P Booster Club with games and food to coincide with the Powder Puff Football Championship. 


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