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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Assemblyman Petryk receives award from WTA

MADISON - State Assemblyman Warren Petryk of the 93rd Assembly District was recently awarded the 2017-18 Friend of the Towns Award by the Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) for his efforts on behalf of town interests.

“Representative Petryk has an exceptional passion to sincerely serve town governments and citizens” said Mike Koles, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Towns Association. “Nearly every conversation begins with a question from him about what he can do for the people and local governments that he represents so they can prosper. He is truly an unselfish servant to the public.”

Friends of town government share a core belief that the best decisions occur closest to the people. They understand that local leadership is the fuel for inventive solutions to public and private sector challenges and the key to unlocking the power of democracy.

WTA District Director Steve Dickinsen stated, “Representative Petryk’s dedication to local decision making doesn’t end when his belief in local government leadership is challenged by special interests that oppose this idea. In fact, this is precisely when his dedication to town government fuels a steadfast courage to stand up for the rights and responsibilities of the people and local leadership back home in the 93rd.”

“Representative Petryk is a town government guy and uniquely dedicated to the cause of a representative democracy fueled by the wise decisions of those closest to the people,” continued Koles. “We are excited to announce Representative Warren Petryk as a Friend of the Town Award recipient.

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