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Sunday, September 16, 2018

WIAA Board of Control conducts September meeting

STEVENS POINT – The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Board of Control acted on a number of items, reviewed several membership-related topics and received executive staff updates and reports at its September meeting today.

The Board gave its final approval of a request to dissolve the crossover requirements for the Capitol and South Central conferences for football, boys and girls basketball, softball and baseball following the 2018-19 seasons. It also approved a sports medical advisory committee recommendation to add Bellin Health in Green Bay as a site for wrestling skinfold DXA appeals.

Among the other board-approved actions were the appointment of a small school representative to the Advisory Council. Paul Manriquez, principal at Pecatonica High School, will fill a vacancy and serve a one-year term in 2018-19, beginning with the Council’s meeting on Oct. 4.

The executive staff presented the Board with reports on the Area Meetings in Appleton, Greenfield and Mauston, which are the first three of seven Area Meetings around the state this fall. In addition, the Board was provided the first draft of the 2018-19 operations budget. 

Other topics introduced in the executive staff reports to the Board were the ongoing social media, marketing and office technology efforts. The Board also received liaison reports from Mike Thompson of the Department of Public Instruction, John Ashley of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, Andy Engel of the Hamilton Consulting Group and Jeremy Schlitz of the Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association. 


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