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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Prescott City Council approves storm sewer rate increase

The Prescott City Council voted unanimously to approve a five percent rate increase for storm sewer service at its meeting Monday evening at the City-Library Building.

The rate increase amounts to an extra .54 cents per bill per single-family home. This increase was on top of an increase last year but before there had been no changes to storm sewer rates for seven years.

The rate increase was due to the decrease in the cash balance in the Storm Sewer Fund Balance to $67,883 this year as compared to $170,316 back in 2016. The purchase of a street sweeper helped to reduce this balance and more money in the Fund, according to City of Prescott Finance Director Vanessa Norby, in a memo to city council members and Mayor Dave Hovel, reduces the need for steep increases in rates in the future for more street and road construction projects where curb and gutter are needed.

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