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Friday, September 21, 2018

Possible tornado rolls through Pierce County last night, SV school damaged

SPRING VALLEY - Though not confirmed, a possible tornado sliced across Pierce County from southwest to northeast, striking and causing damage to Spring Valley Middle and High School. No injuries were reported.

Classes were cancelled at the school for the day as damage assessment teams worked at the school building, located on CTH. CC on a hill above the town. It appeared damage was to the roof and to dugouts from the softball field.

The storm rolled at the same time a volleyball match between Colfax and Spring Valley high schools was getting underway. According to news reports, all attendees: players, coaches and fans, immediately went into the lockerrooms next to the gymnasium until the storm passed. The match was cancelled. There was also reported damage to the Colfax team bus.

Photo showing damage to the front entryway at Spring Valley High/Middle School courtsey of the Kelly Spence Schrieber Facebook page

Damage was also reported in the Ellsworth area and there were also reports of sirens not going off in southwestern Pierce County where the tornado warning originated due to operator error at the Piece County Dispatch Center.

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