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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Vinehout, Vurkmir both winners in Pierce County in statewide races

Results from yesterday's Wisconsin state primary election had State Senator Kathleen Vinehout winning Pierce County in the Democratic primary for Governor while fellow State Senator Leah Vukmir won the county in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

Sen. Vukmir, the endorsed candidate of the GOP won 818 votes to businessman Kevin Nicholson's 776 with the remaining votes divided up among several other candidates on the ballot. Sen. Vukmir won the primary statewide and Pierce County was one of the few in the western part of the state to vote for her. She will take on incumbent Democrat Sen. Tammy Baldwin in the fall election.

Pierce County remained loyal to Sen. Vinehout, who has represented the county in the State Senate since 2007. She won 825 votes, edging out State Superintendent of Schools Tony Evers who had 822. Along with Pierce, Vinehout carried several counties in her district like Buffalo and Pepin along with Jackson County and finished second in many rural counties. However, Evers was the overwhelming winner statewide with over 40 percent of the vote with 10 candidates on the ballot. Evers will face incumbent Gov. Scott Walker in the fall election. Walker won his primary over 90 percent of the vote including 1,857 votes in Pierce County.

Former State Assemblyman Jeff Smith of Eau Claire easily won the Democratic primary for the State Senate seat held by Vinehout. He carried Pierce County with 715 votes to 455 for Trempealeau County Supervisor Jon Schultz of Arcadia and 424 votes for farmer Steve Boe of Taylor.

For more election results go the Pierce County home page at http://www.co.pierce.wi.us/

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