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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Prescott High and Middle School Athletic Code meetings upcoming

All Prescott High School and Prescott Middle School athletes who plan to participate in a fall sport must attend ONE of the following meetings with a parent/guardian in the PAC at 6:30PM. 
Mon July 23
Tues July 31
Wed Aug 8

We will offer dates in October (Winter sports) and late Feb/early Mar (Spring sports) though athletes and parents are free to attend a July/Aug session, if they wish.

Practice start dates: Coaches will be reaching out to athletes with more info.
Prescott High School
Football- Aug 1
Girls Golf- Aug 6
Cross Country- Aug 13
Volleyball- Aug 13

Prescott Middle School
Football- Aug 20
Volleyball- Sept 4
Cross Country- Sept 4

Any questions- feel free to email Activities Director Matt Smith at smithma@prescott.k12.wi.us.

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