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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kiwanis Club luncheon features Prescott pastor's recent trip to Africa

The Prescott Kiwanis Club chapter will meet at noon on Thursday at the Ptacek’s Event Center.  Everyone welcome and lunch is available for $7.00.

Our speaker this week is Pastor Steve Meyer.  Pastor Meyer has been the pastor of Joy Lutheran Church in Prescott for the past two and a half years.  He was invited by the Lutheran Church in Malawi, Africa to teach at their Pastor’s Academy in Lilongwe, which he did in June of this year.  Pastor Meyer and his wife Diane also had time to travel throughout Malawi to get to know the Country.  Pastor Steve will be sharing stories and pictures of his time there to help introduce us to Malawi “the warm heart of Africa”.

Next week we welcome Bill and Lisa Benedict from O’Connell Benedict Funeral Home.  They recently purchased the Hill Funeral Home in River Falls, Ellsworth and Prescott.  They will tell us about their business and how to prepay funeral expenses.

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