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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Vista Croix officials present remodified plan to Prescott City Council

Vista Croix developers Bob Campbell and Bruce Lenzen appeared before the Prescott City Council at its meeting Monday evening at the City Building and presented the council a plan for different version of the project than was originally designed.

The main reason for this, according to Campbell, was to reflect the prevailing market demand in the Prescott area for more residential properties than commercial space according to a recently completed market survey.

“We have been unsuccessful with the commercial aspect of the project,” Campbell said as he noted plans for restaurant and banquet center had simply not found any investors. “Our updated market study has shown a need for residential units in this market and wish to be flexible with the project to reflect this.”

Read more on the city council meeting in this week's Prescott Journal, on newsstands Wednesday.

A drawing of the Vista Croix redesign

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