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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Terms of Zwart settlement with city released to press

A legal settlement agreement between former City of Prescott Public Works Director Hank Zwart and the City of Prescott were released in a news report yesterday.

Zwart had been fired from his position April 2 was actually escorted by Prescott Police through town to remove his items from his workplace. The reasons the city gave was due to a complaint from resident who stated in a complaint from a home owner that Zwart had acted in a "rude and intimidating" way and "heavy-handed" during a February incident where public works employees were cutting down trees on her property acting in what was believed to remedy a code violation. Both Zwart and city code enforcement officer Sanjeev Dhawan had reportedly visited the home of the resident, who had owned the property since 2014, concenring city code.

After his termination Zwart retained legal council and appealed that city gave no prior notice or warning as to this action being potentially taken and that there were no past job performance problems on his record to warrant an abrupt termination of employment.

As part of the settlement, agreed to May 15, Zwart's status was changed to "involuntary resignation" rather than job termination which means Zwart can receive severance payments and collect on sick and vacation time accured as well.

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