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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Prescott Police Commission re-posting Police Chief position (Update) Rob Funk no longer interim police chief

Almost a year after the position of Police Chief of the Prescott Police Department was first posted, the Prescott Police Commission has decided to once again re-post the position and ask for prospective candidates to re-apply for the job.

In a memo released this weekend, the Commission said this re-posting was done to create a wider a more diverse pool of applicants for the position, especially since the Prescott City Council approved increasing the pay of the Police Chief. 

"We want the residents to understand the Commission is working hard in their search for the Chief.  We have reviewed the assessment which was completed for the Police Department.    We have met with other agencies who work directly with the Police Department to help gather information in our search.  We will be working closely with the Pierce County Sheriff Department during this transition." the memo from the Commission stated.

Some 11 persons were interviewed for the post last spring, an initial list which was cut down to six candidates, including interim Police Chief Rob Funk.

It was reported this morning that Funk has returned to a patrolman position within the department and that Sgt. Eric Michaels is now the officer in charge of the department. 


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