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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Former Prescott PD officers' lawsuit dismissed in court

ELLSWORTH - A civil lawsuit brought against the City of Prescott, the Prescott Police Commission and Prescott Police Department by two former officers was dismissed in Pierce County Civil Court Tuesday morning.

The lawsuit was filed by former officers Ryan Most and Bryan Massman. Both were fired from the department by the Prescott Police Commission in August of last year at the end of their 18-month probationary status. After theirt gievenace hearing with the city was unsuccessful, both filed a lawsuit against the department and the city charging their firing was without cause.

Presiding judge James Duvall dismissed the lawsuit on grounds that their contracts outlining the grievance process was ambiguous but also clear that, as probationary officers, they were not eligible for just-cause termination rights. He also denied motions from their attorney that sought to restore their jobs and provide them back-pay.

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