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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Town of Clifton approves preliminary spending for new town hall

CLIFTON - The Clifton Township Board unanimously approved an appropriation of $2,850 to architect Lars Glockzin of Hudson to begin the work to build Clifton's new town hall at its monthly meeting Tuesday evening.

This money will go to fees and expenses and civil engineering costs, essentially a down payment for design and submittal fees of building plans to the state.

The town will begin the process of submitting bids for the project to be opened by the July town board meeting on July 3. Board members hope to bring building costs under the $353,000 approved by the town's electors last month in the annual meeting for the new town hall. Glockzin, speaking to the board and presenting plans and costs, is optimistic the building can be finished before the fall election in November.

Clifton Town Hall

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