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Friday, May 18, 2018

Rape charge added to stabbing for Prescott suspect

ELLSWORTH - Jason A. Kulla, 45, of Prescott, who had been arrested Tuesday afternoon by Prescott PD and taken to Pierce County Jail in Ellsworth for causing great bodily harm with intent was charged in Pierce County Criminal Court yesterday with raping the victim along with stabbing her.

Prosecutors charged Kulla with three felonies in alleging he raped the victim at knife-point before stabbing her. These are with first-degree sexual assault, aggravated battery with the use of a dangerous weapon and strangulation and suffocation. Kulla was also charged with misdemeanor battery.  Kulla's bond was set at $50,000.

The victim, reportedly Kulla's 19-year-old girlfriend, was reportedly was reportedly attacked and stabbed at Kulla's Ash St. home and then fled to the Prescott Firehall for help where she was later taken to a hospital. Prescott PD and Pierce County Sheriff's Deputies later surrounded the home and after a three-hour stand-off which caused the lockdown of Prescott schools, Kulla was arrested.

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