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Friday, May 18, 2018

Police Commission meets again without decision on police chief

The Prescott Police Commission met again without coming to a resolution on hiring a new police chief yesterday evening at the city building.

The commission came out of closed session and moved to take action on items discussed therein and then adjourned for the evening. On the agenda to be discussed in closed session were the hiring of a new police chief and an investigation of charges against the Police Department.

Two members of the Prescott City Council, Dar Hintz and Maureen Otwell attending the meeting according to a story on the KDWA-AM 1460/FM 97.7 website. They both asked to sit on the closed session. At first acting Commmission Chairman Bill Fetzner refused due believing it a conflict of interest but City Administrator Jayne Brand stated it was up to the members of the Commission as to whether they could sit in and the commissioners attending voted to allow Hintz and Otwell to attend. Both council members stayed for just a portion of the hour-long closed session.

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