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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Oak Grove Town Board approves spending monies on new fire truck

OAK GROVE TWP. - The Oak Grove Township Board unanimously approved a resolution to budget money in the 2019 budget for a new first truck for the Prescott Fire and EMS Association.

After some discussion, board members were prepared to borrow money to pay for at least one new truck, a heavy rescue vehicle on the City of Prescott's General Obligation bonds, which the city council. approved,. But Treasurer Jeremy Boles proposed the township spend the money it has available in the budget by withholding funds for one year from the highway and sealcoat funds to pay the town's per capita cost for the truck, which comes to $194,445.

"This will save us some $96,000 in interest over 20 years," Boles said. "With interest rates rising, this could save us even more money. Rather than being locked into general obligation bonds on fixed rates, this way of funding the new truck leaves us in a more flexible and affordable situation than we would be borrowing money when we really don't have to."

Supervisor Gary Huppert supported the proposal, saying the road situation in the town, particularly after this summer's repair and seal-coating work, will be in good shape for one year. Boles also noted that if any road repair or other emergencies arise the town can do short-term borrowing to meet those over a one-year period.

Oak Grove's move on the fire truck question could well break the knot the towns of Oak Grove and Clifton along with the City of Prescott found itself in funding the Association's plan to purchase two new fire trucks. Oak Grove Supervisor Jeff Johnson, who is a member of the Association board, said Prescott FD Chief Tom Lytle said that if only one new fire vehicle can be purchased in 2019, it should be the heavy rescue vehicle.

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