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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Prescott Chamber of Commerce leaders denounce anonymous letter at city council meeting

The topic of an anonymous flyer which was sent to members of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce came up near the end of Monday's Prescott City Council meeting Monday evening.  

 The flyer personally attacked both Prescott Mayor Dave Hovel and Prescott Superintendent Dr. Rick Spicuzza for not having any plans to protect students and citizen in the wake of threats made against the school back in the fall of 2017. 

Prescott Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Johnson spoke during the public comment section of the meeting denouncing the letter’s use of Chamber members as means of spreading its publication and that it supports the current security efforts of the city and district. Brand pointed out that the city has emergency contingency plans on file for situations like school shooters or oil train derailments for example.

No one spoke out on the question of school security as the letter urged persons to do or in favor of the content of the letter at the meeting and Char Magee of the Chamber of Commerce expressed her disgust at it.

“I take offense at the sky-is-falling tone, the disrespect shown towards Mayor Hovel and Superintendent Spicuzza and the fact they used the Chamber as a means of distributing the letter without our consent.” Magee said.

The mayor gave his first public thoughts on the question as well.

“I though the school and the police department handled the situation well back in October at the middle school,” Hovel said. “There’s plans now for the Sheriff’s Department to meet with municipalities in the county to share and coordinate emergency plans for situations like school shooters or armed stand-offs. But I think what’s most important is that students and people within the community warn the police and authorities about potential violence as they did last fall to prevent such things from happening.”

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