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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Land swap proposal between Firehall Field and Public Square moves forward

A proposal for a land swap between the City of Prescott and the Prescott School District of Firehall Field and the Public Square was approved with recommendation to the city council by a unanimous vote of the city's planning commission at their meeting Monday evening at the City Building.

The Prescott School District would exchange Firehall Field to the city and vise-versa with Public Square. This will allow for more renovations to take place to the Firehall Field complex and allow the Prescott Pirates Amateur Baseball Team to sell beer at their games. Other parts of the renovation plan include: a plaza with pavers, 30 X 20 concession stand, bleachers, lighting and new parking lot. These plans will be paid for by fundraising (some $400,000) by the Crazy About Baseball (CAB) community organization and not city tax dollars.

The Planning Commission also agreed to move forward to the city council but without recommendation a plan to split lots on property located at 1250 Pearl St. for potential commercial development but would recommend if the lot split is created to have public street frontage be a part of one of the lots.

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