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Saturday, January 27, 2018

New DMC plant in Prescott has its grand opening

Diversified Manufacturers Corporation (DMC) held the grand opening of its new Prescott plant yesterday morning, attended by local and state official dignitaries and representatives from various businesses across the region.

DMC is both consolidating and expanding its operations with a spacious new 150,000 square-foot facility receiving both state and city aid to help build and which plans call for some 150 employees to work it. It will handle both manufacturing, which includes brand-name household cleaning and beauty products, along with storage and shipping.

DMC Chairman and owner Ram Motilall thanked persons with the City of Prescott and with the state's WEDC for their assistant in getting the plant built within a year's time.

Outside of the new DMC plant in Prescott from side angle viewpoint.

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