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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Gov. Walker's Newsletter - Expanding Wisconsin's Workforce

Recently, our administration has unveiled an additional strategy to support and enhance Wisconsin’s workforce by expanding existing initiatives and moving forward with brand new approaches to meeting our workforce needs.
We want to reward hardworking, conscientious students when they go above and beyond their regular coursework. That’s why we’re providing an additional $5 million in grants and scholarships for high schoolers participating in dual-enrollment programs at qualifying colleges. Students earn credits towards a four-year degree while challenging themselves and saving time and money.
We’re also investing $7 million in scholarships to help enhance Wisconsin’s workforce so people can earn new skills and education credentials. These more highly-skilled workers will have better opportunities to advance in their careers and increased access to high-demand jobs as a result.
The Wisconsin Technical College System will receive $2 million in support to help maximize Wisconsin’s workforce participation by recruiting, retaining, and successfully credentialing some of the hardest-to-serve populations.
We’re also providing $6 million for the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) to pursue exciting new workforce development programs, including creating all-new “Sector Centers” in Advanced Manufacturing and Healthcare to address the recruitment and training needs of employers in those sectors; expanding Wisconsin’s successful Youth Apprenticeship Program to middle school students; and utilizing mobile job centers to allow access to job search and training resources wherever they are most needed.
We’re excited to enact these reforms and keep improving the well-trained, dependable workforce Wisconsin is known for.

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