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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Von Bresinski likes small towns and school of Prescott

The first stop 16 –year old Celina Von Bresinski made in the United States, arriving from Germany to participate in the student foreign exchange program in late August, was in New York City.

“It was a really big city but a little confusing,” Von Bresinski said. “I liked it but there’s was too many people.”

Even coming from a city with over a million population like Berlin, Von Bresinski has really taken to small town life here in Prescott and in Diamond Bluff where she is staying with the Albarado family. She is attending high school at PHS along with fellow German student Johnathan Rohr. Like Celina, her host mother was once a 16-year old foreign exchange student from Germany.  The small-town attraction has made her stay so far a pleasant one.

“It’s a little weird but I like small towns,” Von Bresinski said. “There’s not so many people and people are very friendly. I really like the culture.”

Sometimes she misses home Von Bresinski admits, but not too often as she is enjoying all that an American high school like Prescott has to offer her.

“I think American high schools are better,” Von Bresinski said. “There’s more to do. There’s more to take part in and be involved with and meet people.”

Some of those activities Von Bresinski has taken part in at PHS is running on the Cardinal cross country team this past fall and being a manager for the girls’ basketball team this winter.

“Running cross country was very hard because I had never run before,” Von Bresinski said. “But it was a great experience to take part in.”

Von Bresinski said she likes to play volleyball, travel, and be with her friends and shop. She’s partaken in the Mall of America already, which she said she enjoyed a lot, and will visit Los Vegas next year. But she said one her best experiences in the U.S. so far was Thanksgiving.

“I really liked the meal itself and the food and the company,” Von Bresinski said.

Travelling is what drew Von Bresinski to the foreign-exchange student program but also the new experiences and the new people she meets.

“To do and see things we don’t have in Germany is best part along with meeting new people,” Von Bresinski said. 

Celina Von Bresinski

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