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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gov. Walker Newsletter - Wisconsin's Workforce Agenda

At the annual Future Wisconsin Summit this week, I unveiled our new Workforce Agenda: Men and Women at Work, a three-step initiative to comprehensively enhance Wisconsin’s workforce and meet our economy’s workforce needs—now and in the future.

Step one increases education to provide a solid talent pipeline for the highly-skilled workforce Wisconsin is known for. On top of our already historic $11.5 billion investment in K-12 education to drive student success, we have increased our investment in the world-class UW System to produce more graduates in high-demand fields and supported partnerships between Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges and businesses in high-demand industries.
We’re also encouraging hands-on skills training through Registered Apprenticeships and the Wisconsin Fast Forward worker training program, which will help to close the skills gap and provide the trained workforce businesses are seeking.
Step two removes barriers to work. We eliminated the child care “benefits cliff” to encourage more people to work, take more hours, and advance into higher wage jobs. And we’re improving access to job training and placement programs to help veterans, ex-offenders, and people with disabilities enter the workforce.
Step three attracts and retains talent to Wisconsin. We will work with the legislature to build a collaborative statewide campaign to attract talent to live and work in our state, focusing on Midwest millennials and young professionals, Wisconsin alumni, and veterans and their families transitioning to civilian life.
The forward-thinking reforms in our Workforce Agenda ensure Wisconsin’s seasoned workforce will grow even stronger, and our state will remain a great place to live and work for generations to come.

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