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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

City council approves funds for new ice rink

The Prescott City Council unanimously approved spending $6,000 for a new E-Z Ice Rink to be installed in St. Croix Bluffs Park at its meeting Monday evening at the city building.

The money will come from the impact fee fund. Prescott Public Works Director Hank Zwart said the rink will be use just for skating and that its design will allow for not just easier set-up but maintenance as well.

“It reduces the amount of run-off you might get on a warm day to where you don’t lose water because it has a surface underneath it and set-up boards around it if it re-freezes,” Zwart said.

Zwart also said the city still plans on packing snow and flooding the current in-town rink at the corners of Linn and St. Croix streets, weather permitting. He also said that if the E-Z Rink works out, he envisioned they could be installed at the current ice facility and in other city parks.

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