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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Planning Commission recommends change in city ordinance on acccessary structures

The City of Prescott's Planning Commission unanimously gave an endorsement to an ordinance change of an ordinance to allow for accessory structures in the side setback. This was done at its meeting back on Nov. 6.

This recommendation would allow structures that are not garages to be attached to existing house structures that are no more than 30% of the side and rear yard be filled with structures. They would have to meet the firewall set back which is 10 feet or the shed would need to be sheet rocked. The five-foot side setback would need to maintained.

The commission also discussed plans for an addition to St. Joseph's Catholic Church and an upcoming public hearing at the city building on Nov. 21 concerning the closure of a portion of Walnut St. and an alley located behind city owned property. Also discussed were potential plans for the city's riverfront in regards to the soon-to-be completed bike trail from Hastings, Minn. to the Highway 10 Bridge and finding additional land for the city's industrial park.

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