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Friday, November 10, 2017

Gov. Walker Newsletter - Happy Veterans Day to our heros and their families

Since 1918, our nation has set aside November 11 as Veterans Day to recognize and honor the selfless, tireless work of our Armed Forces in defending and maintaining the ideals America was founded on. Our gifts of freedom—the opportunities to choose where to work, what to believe, and how to live our lives—come to us only as the result of the bravery and sacrifices of our service members and veterans.
It’s important we support our veterans and remember their dedicated service every day, but this Saturday we will pause and reflect to commemorate them with a special word of thanks. Although our gratitude alone can never fully express our appreciation, it is still vital for our service members and veterans to know we are thinking of them and we recognize the work they do to keep us safe and free.
As Wisconsinites and Americans, we would do well to follow our veterans’ example by giving more of ourselves to others and our communities. In doing so, we pay tribute to their sacrifices on behalf of the liberty we all enjoy.
Happy Veterans Day to all our veterans, service members, and their families.

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