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Thursday, November 16, 2017

County Board declines to add ag agent position to 2018 budget

ELLSWORTH - The position of agriculture agent in Pierce County as part of the University of Wisconsin-Extension still remains vacant as the county Board of Supervisors approved the 2018 budget which left the position open during its meeting Tuesday morning.

An amendment to fund the position in combination with other duties in the office failed by a vote of 14-3. The full budget was approved by a 15-2 vote.

Several county residents had spoken in favor of hiring an agent for the county but cuts to the departments's budget in salaries helped the county to balance its 2018 and the board could not agree on finding monies on its part to fund the position.

In the three county grouping of Polk-St. Croix-Pierce as part of the UW-Extension Department'ss recent reorganization, only St. Croix as of now has a agriculture agent. Costs for position are shared between both the county and the University of Wisconsin-Extension.

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