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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Attracting Investment and Building New Trade Partnerships in Israel

Wisconsin is open for business.

Our exports have increased by nearly 10% since last year, and global companies like Foxconn and Haribo are investing billions of dollars into our economy and creating tens of thousands of family-supporting careers for hardworking Wisconsinites. We also embarked on a successful trade mission to Japan and South Korea in September to attract further investment, trade, and job creation to Wisconsin.
This week, we’re building on these successes by encouraging foreign investment in Wisconsin and forging new trade partnerships with Wisconsin companies on a trade mission to Israel. We’re also fostering collaboration between Wisconsin’s world-class water technology sector and Israeli water technology organizations.
Our state enjoys a robust trading relationship with our friends in Israel, with Wisconsin exporting over $80 million in goods annually to Israel and importing over $200 million annually from Israel.
We’re looking to strengthen this relationship even more by telling Wisconsin’s story to business and government leaders and making a strong case for why our state is a great place for Israeli companies to grow their businesses and access new markets.

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