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Friday, October 27, 2017

Walker Newsletter - New DNR Forestry Headquarters Better Serves the Northland

We here in Wisconsin are blessed with an abundance of natural resources, including our forests and woodlands, which encompass almost half of the state.
Our forestry industry is a massive contributor to our economy, employing nearly 65,000 Wisconsinites and generating $24.7 billion in annual economic output.
To help encourage successful management and development of this crucial industry, the Department of Natural Resources’ Forestry Division headquarters is relocating from Madison to Rhinelander by the first of the year. This way, DNR Forestry leadership will be better able to work closely with and support our state’s foresters.
Accountable governing is one of our top priorities, and the Rhinelander DNR Forestry Headquarters will help enhance that accountability and foster growth and success in Wisconsin’s forestry industry.

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