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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Prescott City Council committees discuss projects for 2018

Two committees of the Prescott City Council discussed planned and potential projects in the city next year.

The Public Works Committee chose Albert St. as next year's summer street project at its Sept. 13 meeting. The project would extend on Albert St. from Pearl to College to Pine streets. The cost is estimated at $1,658,290. Also discussed was building the parking lot off Dakota St. to increase public parking downtown which the city had recently bought two vacant properties to do so.

The Parks and Public Property Committee, meeting on Sept. 11 had its focus on the riverfront in 2018 for potential capital projects including the area around Jacques Landings and the underpass under the Hwy. 10 bridge. Ideas for these projects include a new fishing dock, removal of rip rap and putting in a retaining wall, parking meters for the boat launch and weed control. The committee also discussed possibly installing outdoor fitness equipment for the walking path at the St. Croix Bluffs.

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