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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

City of Prescott refutes KDWA claims of 'doctored' time logs in Prescott PD

Prescott City Administrator Jayne Brand says files released yesterday by radio station KDWA AM 1460 and FM 97.7on its website (www.kdwa.com) and accusations of "doctored" time sheets by sergeants in the Prescott Police Department costing taxpayer money are not true.

Brand responded to these accusations in an email received this morning by the Prescott Journal

"They claim the documents are “doctored” but a number of the original  timesheets were redacted with information staff felt we could not share because it involved cases the officers were working on," Brand said.  "KDWA is claiming there is fraud because the officers did not check in or out with Pierce County Dispatch but yet there was time on their time sheet."

These charges stem back to an investigation the station is conducting on the Prescott PD in the wake of the firing of former officers Bryan Massman, who is the son of station owner Dan Massman, along with Ryan Most and his wife Erin who was a former administrator for the Prescott PD. All three are going a legal grievance process with the city. The station has investigated timesheets and overtime records or the department's sergeants with accusations that they have cost some $10,000 in work hours not properly documented. They have also accused the officers of violation of union contract violations.

The files were released in the wake of personnel files of the three individuals which were released by the city last week Thursday. A story on these files appears in this week's Prescott Journal. Massman and news reporter Kelly Casey had met with Brand, Prescott Mayor Dave Hovel and city attorney Phil Helgeson last week Wednesday. 

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