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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Chippewa River trail resurfaced and repaired in Pepin County

DURAND -  Repairs and maintenance to the surface of the  seven-mile Pepin County segment of the Chippewa River State Trail have been completed . The $107,000 dollar project has resulted in a “like new” smooth-riding surface ideal for bicycling, walking and roller-blading, according to Terry Mesch of Arkansasw, a regular user and retired manager of the trail.

 “We have seven of the finest biking miles in the region thanks to a collaborative effort by Pepin County, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, dozens of local businesses, community organizations and private citizens,” Mesch said. “This project was three or four years in the making, but all the patience and persistence have paid off. The repairs and preventive maintenance work done by the Pepin County highway crew will extend the life of the present surface for many more years.”
 The work included removing dead trees and brush, clearing ditches and culverts of debris and fill, repairing bridge approaches, filling cracks, patching potholes, laying a thin layer of new pavement over a couple long rough areas,  and coating the entire seven miles with a sealant. The project was paid for by a 50% grant from the Wisconsin DNR’s Recreational Trails Program and was matched by 25% funding from Pepin County and 25% from local private businesses and individuals.  

Most of the work was performed by the Pepin County Highway Department and was counted as in-kind services toward the County’s 25% matching funds required by the grant. The remainder of the cost was paid for by contributions from nearly two dozen private sector sources. The Durand Sportsman’s Club made the largest private donation of $10,000 early during the project planning and helped leverage money from other private sources which donated amounts ranging from $200 to $2,500.

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