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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Authorities deal with threats made against Prescott Middle School

Two juvenile students are under investigation by the Prescott Police Department, Prescott School District, Pierce County Sheriff's and county juvenile services for reportedly making threats against students and staff at the middle school.

Prescott PD maintained a presence at the school Wednesday and school was in session when the district deemed no immediate threat to staff, students and their families. However, many students did not attend school yesterday due to the threats, which were reported to families in an email Tuesday evening.

Reportedly, a group of middle school students approached a Prescott PD officer and adults at the regional tournament volleyball game at Prescott High School which triggered the investigation.

Interim Prescott Police Chief Rob Funk stated yesterday the juvenile suspects are not in custody but "however parents have been notified and officers have been in contact with them regarding the allegations."

Prescott School Superintendent Dr. Richard Spicuzza stated in a radio interview on KDWA "the students who made threats were not at school (Wednesday) nor will they be". He also spoke on the incident at the Prescott School Board meeting last night at Prescott High School, lauding those students who came forward to report the threats.

"We take any kind of threats like these seriously and we will act swiftly to stop them." Dr. Spicuzza said. 

Parent-teacher conferences are taking place today throughout the Prescott School District and there's no school today and tomorrow.

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