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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Personnel files released on fired Prescott PD officers, administrator

The City of Prescott and the Prescott Police Department released personnel files yesterday afternoon on former Prescott PD officers Ryan Most and Bryan Massman and former administrative assistant Erin Most.

Most's employment after several years with department was terminated on Aug. 2 after a July 31 Personnel Committee meeting of the Prescott City Council. Both Most and Massman were fired after a Aug. 7 meeting of the Prescott Police Commission after the commission gave Interim Police Chief Rob Funk the authority to do so.

The files detailed reported complaints and evaluations by department personnel, particularly Funk and the department's sergeants, towards the fired persons. Such complaints and charges included insubordination, personal disputes with fellow employees, falsification of time sheets, inaccurate reports to the Pierce County District Attorney's office, not properly securing weapons and other violations of department procedure.

Most was considered a city employee while both Most and Massman were in their 18-month probationary period of employment and thus not under the police union contract with the city. All three reportedly have legal representation and are in the grievance process with the city at this time.

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