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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gov. Walker talks trade with Japanese and South Korean business owners

Recent expansions and investments by Foxconn, Generac, Haribo, and others have made it resoundingly clear that Wisconsin is a great place to do business. Our international profile is rising and we want to use it to benefit Wisconsin taxpayers and businesses.

This week, I’m sitting down with Japanese and South Korean business owners and leaders to encourage foreign investment in Wisconsin and new business partnerships with state companies.
Our skilled workforce, reliable infrastructure, and limited regulations create a welcoming business climate that attracts domestic and foreign investments alike. As a result, Wisconsin has become a magnet for companies that provide not just jobs, but family-supporting careers.
A new employment report from Milwaukee’s ManpowerGroup shows 26 percent of Wisconsin employers plan to add jobs in the next three months, one of the highest results in the country. Combined with Wisconsin’s 3.2% unemployment rate and 68.8% labor force participation rate, Wisconsin’s economic future is bright.
Combined with our budget’s focus on education and workforce development, we’re ensuring our workforce is ready to take full advantage of all the opportunities coming our way.
With our highly-educated, highly-trained labor force, Wisconsin is ready and willing to work.

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