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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Three persons fired from Prescott PD

Three persons were recently fired from the Prescott Police Department. This includes former Administrative Assistant Erin Most and Officers Bryan Massman and Ryan Most, who is married to Erin.

Radio station KDWA-AM 1460/FM 97.7 reported last week that Erin Most had been fired on Aug. 2, a few days before former Prescott PD Chief Gary Krutke had passed away due to cancer, and that two other officers hired by Chief Krutke also had their employment terminated as well 24 hours after a meeting of the Prescott Police Commission which took place on Aug. 7 at the city building.  

The meeting of the Police Commission had been scheduled prior to Chief Krutke’s death to both to name an interim police chief while Krutke was on medical leave and to take possible disciplinary action, both actions while in closed session.  Attending the meeting were the Police Commission members: Chairman Bill Pryor along with Curt Jacobson, Bill Fetzner, Neil Riley and Cheri Johnson. Also attending were City Administrator Jayne Brand, then Office in Charge of the Prescott Police Department Rob Funk along with Prescott PD Sergeants Jesse Neely, Mark Schultz and Eric Michaels.

Pryor said in a news report from KSTP-TV in St. Paul that the two officers were fired due to significant violations of department policy. Coming out of closed session, the Commission unanimously passed a motion which directed Interim Chief Funk to “handle the personnel issues as discussed in closed session.” 

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