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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Local, state and national law enfrocement conduct sex offender compliance check in Pierce County

ELLSWORTHThe U.S. Marshals along with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry Program and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department conducted a residence verification operation for registered sex offenders.  

On August 9th deputies checked the addresses of 40 registered sex offenders in Pierce County.  Two were found to be non-compliant and those two were quickly brought back into compliance.  The Sex Offender Registry Program Specialist will investigate and make recommendations to the district attorney as necessary.
This initiative is part of the working relationship between the US Marshals Sex Offender Investigations Branch and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registration Program which monitors all 24,187 Wisconsin Sex Offenders.  The Wisconsin Department of Corrections maintains a database for the general public at http://offender.doc.state.wi.us/public/.

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