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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gov. Walker Newsletter: Cutting Red Tape with the REINS Act

Wisconsin is viewed as a national leader when it comes to agriculture, dairy production, and technology. To remain a leading state, however, we need to ensure Wisconsin government and government services remain accountable to you – the hard-working taxpayers.
According to a recent report by the Mercatus Center, Wisconsin currently has 159,253 restrictions. That's 12 million words that would take someone reading full-time roughly 17 whole weeks to get through. 
That’s why I recently signed Senate Bill 15, also known as the REINS Act, into law. This bill provides more oversight over expensive and burdensome rules that cost you money by ensuring new rules are placed under greater legislative scrutiny and approval. It also gives you, the citizens of Wisconsin, the opportunity to weigh in earlier in the administrative rule-making process. 
With the REINS Act, we’re taking away power from unelected bureaucrats and making sure state agencies are truly accountable to our taxpayers.
It's just one more way we're moving Wisconsin forward.

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