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Thursday, August 10, 2017

City's public works committee holds meeting on proposed Lake St. plat plan

The Prescott City's Council's Public Work's Committee held a meeting last week Wednesday over the new proposed plat for properties on Lake St.

The plat plan is designed to provide more defined property lines and right of ways in order to facilitate potential street projects on Lake St. such as curb and gutter, repairing water and sewer lines and repaving the street.

During this process it's been found there is no specific plat for Lake Street and most of the lots are made up of certified survey maps.

The plat is being broken down into three separate sections. Meetings have been set for the next three Wednesdays and Thursdays on site with Lake St. residents to discuss the plat. Temporary lattes will be placed to mark the property lines. Residents were asked to leave the lattes until the property lines can be agreed upon. If owners can’t agree on a property line it would then go to court as a civil issue. 

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