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Monday, July 3, 2017

United Way of St. Croix Valley Distributes Funds

The United Way St. Croix Valley Board of Directors recently approved the distribution of funds raised through the 2016-2017 annual fundraising campaign in Pierce, Polk and St. Croix Counties, as well as the Northern Wisconsin campaign. “We are very grateful to the area businesses and individuals who generously support the United Way St. Croix Valley campaign,” said Executive Director Ann Searles. “By ‘Living United’, we invite all community stakeholders to the table--business leaders, civic leaders, school leaders, agencies. Together, we identify community needs and respond with the distribution of funding to local nonprofit agencies to work towards building stronger communities and a better quality of life for everyone in the St. Croix Valley,” she continued.

In addition to providing funds to nonprofit agencies, United Way continues to focus on its three core initiatives: United Way’s John Coughlin Food & Resource Center, Success By 6 and Shelter for All. United Way St. Croix Valley Board President Ann Schilling said, “United Way is unique because we look at the needs in our local communities and craft solutions that address those needs and bring long-term change.”

United Way St. Croix Valley awarded $582,253 in grants to support more than 45 nonprofit agency programs and services. United Way allocated the funds to create lasting impact in the categories of: Meeting Basic and Emergency Needs, Strengthening Children and Families and Promoting Health and Independence.  An additional $26,618 will go to specific agencies designated by the donors. The total funds distributed will be $608,871. United Way’s overall benefit to the community this year will be over $691,161 when food supplied by the John Coughlin Food & Resource Center is taken into account. The Center has distributed approximately 1,032,095 pounds of food since opening in 2008. The food is distributed to 13 area food pantries, a homeless shelter and a domestic abuse shelter in Pierce and St. Croix Counties.

Agencies meeting Basic and Emergency Needs will receive $131,500. Programs for Children and
Families, including school programs, will receive the largest distribution totaling $172,022. United Way returns 50% of the funds donated by school district employees to the district for programs assisting students. Participating districts received $9,272 in grants this year. Support for programs that improve Health and Independence will total $102,700. Agencies in Burnett and Washburn Counties will receive $36,331 in grants and $9,762 in donor designations from funds contributed by area residents, businesses and the owner and employees of Nexen Group in Webster. United Way St. Croix Valley will continue to raise funds until it is time to begin the fall appeal. See United Way’s website at www.unitedwaystcroix.org for the full breakdown of fund distribution.

The mission of United Way St. Croix Valley is to unite communities, focus resources and inspire people to measurably improve lives in western Wisconsin.

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