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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Prescott School Board votes to move forward with energy efficency project to Malone Intermediate School building

The Prescott School Board agreed to move forward with an energy efficiency project to the Malone Intermediate School building and voted 3-2 in favor of working with Trane Inc. to do so. The decision took place at the board's monthly meeting Wednesday evening.

The board had three companies to choose from who gave their pitches and proposals at a special meeting held last week Thursday, June 15. Board members chose Trane over Nexus by the 3-2 although board members praised both companies for their proposals.

The next step is for an energy efficiency audit to take place of the Malone Intermediate building which will determined the overall cost of the project. The board will then decide whether to authorize the project under Act 32, a state law which allows school districts to exceed state spending and revenue caps to school districts if a capital project is for energy efficiency purposes and has guaranteed savings to district budgets.  

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