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Monday, June 5, 2017

Hot weather increases chances for pavement buckling

MADISON - The hot weather throughout the state last weekend caused pavement buckling. With summer upon us, Wisconsin motorists are asked to take extra caution.

Pavement buckles are most common when the weather quickly goes from cool to very hot, causing pavement to expand. Where there are expansion joints, slabs of pavement push against each other and if the pressure becomes great enough the pavement can buckle. While it's difficult to predict if or where buckling may occur, WisDOT offers the following tips for motorists:

* Slow down, buckle up and eliminate distractions to focus your full attention on the roadway. Along with pavement issues, other concerns this time of year can include deer or debris on the roadway.

* Watch for slowing traffic and be ready to move over for all roadside workers including highway crews as they repair damaged pavement.

* Before your trip, check the 511 Travel Information system (www.511wi.gov<http://www.511wi.gov>) for the latest on any incidents or delays.

* If necessary, report serious pavement issues by calling 911. Be ready to provide specific location information.

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