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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Crime, Wine, & Romance – Local Authors Release New Novels at Belle Vinez Winery

CLIFTON  – Crime, wine, romance, and two new books by local authors Thekla Madsen and Beth M. James are on the menu. The authors will discuss their new novels, answer audience questions, and sign books at the Belle Vinez Winery on 875th Ave. in the Township of Clifton on Thursday, June 29 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Thekla Madsen (River Falls) is co-author with retired Cleveland Police Detective Karl Bort of the recently released Angry Nurse, the second book in the Detective Nicholas Silvano Crime Thriller series:

“When wealthy Cleveland businessman David Feighan is admitted to St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Unit in a catatonic state, he “miraculously” recovers in the presence of Nurse Joshua Ramsey. David insists his wife, lawyer, and the hospital administrator are plotting to have him permanently committed and implores Joshua to help him. Then David’s wife and lawyer are found dead and Detective Nicholas Silvano gets the case. The husband is usually the first suspect but David has a solid alibi – he’s locked up at St. Luke’s. The investigation stalls...until a crayon drawing leads Nick back to St. Luke’s and a surprising new suspect. “

W. Bruce Cameron, New York Times bestselling author of The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man, said: "Fans of dark crime fiction will appreciate the unusual psychological twists in this mystery set in a mental ward. Bort and Madsen ground the world of the book solidly in the maddening bureaucracy of a big city hospital, leading the reader to believe if you weren't crazy when you checked in, you will be before long. I look forward to reading more from this innovative crime writing team."

Local reviewer Dave Wood, past vice president of the National Book Critic Circle and syndicated author of Dave Wood’s Book Report, wrote: "Ex-cop and former psych ward nurse Karl Bort teams up for a second time with Thekla Madsen in a gripping tale of psychosis and murder. Fans of the team's first novel, Bad JuJu in Cleveland, won't be disappointed by Angry Nurse."

Bad JuJu in Cleveland, the pair’s first novel, is loosely based on a case Bort investigated involving drugs, voodoo, and murder.

Beth M. James (Hudson) writes contemporary and fantasy romance novels based on strong characters and lessons learned. Her most recent novel, The Promise of Return, is the second novel in the Dream or Reality trilogy:

“Jessie Rossen continues her struggle to convince her fiancé, Walt, that she’s in love with Jezero, a protective warrior from a different world. When she flees to a secluded cabin in Wisconsin, Walt finds her with the intent to take her home and resume their lives together. But Jessie’s goal is to return to Dusken and Jezero. Or will she have to accept that her life with Jezero is just a dream?”

Beth has been quoted in TIME Magazine, a guest blogger for USA Today, and featured in Around Town TV (Cable Channel 6). She has also taught classes for authors to help structure their journey.

Books will be available for purchase and signing at the event, or purchase a book ahead of time and bring in for the author(s) to sign. Books are available in paperback and ebook versions on Amazon.com. Find Angry Nurse on Facebook at Bort-Madsen Books and The Promise of Return at www.BethMJames.com.

Belle Vinez, the Zimmerman Family Winery, is located west of River Falls in the Town of Clifton and can be reached by taking CTH. M to 1090th St. and then 875th Ave. Appetizers and wine will be available for purchase. Receive an extra sampling with the purchase of a wine flight. The authors’ program will start at 7 p.m. Register to win a gift basket; must be present to win. For more information or directions, see www.bellevinez.com or call 715-426-9463.

The Bella Vinez Winery in Clifton will be the site of a book signing the evening of June 29 for local authors Thekla Madsen and Beth James.


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