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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Prescott woman warns of scam attempt in community

Helen Seipel of Prescott nearly lost $900 Monday, the victim of an attempt scam from a phone call she received back on Monday.

Seipel said a person called her home about 12:30 p.m. claiming to be her grandson and cried over the phone that he was in jail and needed money to get out. Within three hours she had gotten the money and tried to wire it at Wal-Mart to a number this person had told her to do so. Seipel credits Wal-Mart for double checking and finding out this was a scam attempt and refunding her money

"It sounded so much like my grandson and I was a nervous wreck about it," Seipel said. "I was going to the bank, calling people I know, just everything over the next three hours. Luckily the people at Wal-Mart caught this. It was an ordeal for me"

Seipel said she wasn't the only one in the area to receive such a call. She said five neighbors also received similar calls and she said such calls will continue as the scam artists look for marks. 

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